Day 1: Tuesday 6th September

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Welcome & opening addresses

Dr Annette Mortensen

Lecture theatre (732-201)


University of Auckland Kaumātua: Jim Rauwhero, Dolly Paul, and Julie Wade

Opening address by the Minister for the Community and Voluntary Sector

Hon Jo Goodhew

Welcome by the Deputy Head, School of Population Health

Prof. Peter Adams

Welcome by the Associate Director of the Institute for Innovation and Improvement, Waitemata DHB.

Mr Jarrard O’Brien


Opening keynote address:
The need for a Superdiversity Framework for health services and policymaking

Ms Mai Chen


Morning Tea

Function Hall (730-220)


Theme 1: Maternal Health and Perinatal Mental Health

Chair: Assoc. Prof. Elsie Ho

Lecture theatre (732-201)


The screening and early intervention of Chinese women with perinatal mental health problems in the community

Dr Bonnie Siu


The role of culture in perinatal mental health: Remedy, poison or scapegoat?

Dr Ruth de Souza


Launch of eCALD Maternal health for CALD women: A resource for health providers

Mrs Sue Lim & Dr Annette Mortensen


Lunch and Poster Presentations

Function Hall (730-220) & Atrium


Theme 2: The Health and Wellbeing of Older People

Chair: Mrs Sue Lim

Lecture theatre (732-201)


Engaging CALD older people with dementia living in aged care facilities

Dr Gary Cheung


Migration, health and wellbeing of older Asian people

Assoc. Prof. Elsie Ho


Where would you like to be?

Ms Catherine Chiu


Breakout Session 1: Oral Presentations

1A – Health and Wellbeing of Women and Children
Chair:  Jennifer Janif

1B – Healthcare and Wellbeing of Older People
Chair:  Hong-Jae Park

1C – Mental Health

Chair:  Kitty Ko

1A – Health and Wellbeing of Women and Children
Room 730 264

1B – Healthcare and Wellbeing of Older People
Room 730 266

1C – Mental Health
Room 730 268

1A.1 Plunket’s Asian Strategy implementation: successes and challenges

Vivian Cheung, Sandra Innes

1B.1 Housing, health and happiness

Bill Guan
Chinese New Settlers Services Trust

1C.1 Developing a psychoeducational group to promote the recovery of the Chinese service users- an experiential approach

Wendy Siu, David Lee, Jadyn Ho
Asian Mental Health Services, ADHB

1A.2 Community engagement with Asian, refugee and migrant groups to better understand their perceptions of primary birthing units in the Waitemata District Health Board, Auckland

Linda Harun,
Child, Women and Family services, WDHB

Wendy Devereux, Carol Hayward

1B.2 Ethnicity and process indicator differences for older adults in the Assessment-Treatment-and-Rehabilitation (AT&R) wards at Waitemata District Health Board (WDHB).

Yogini Ratnasabapathy

1C.2 Improving positive parenting skills for mental health clients from Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) communities in New Zealand

Kelly Feng

1A.3 Perceived discrimination and Chinese migrant children's developmental outcomes:gender differences

Lue Fang
Department of Social Work and Social Administration,
University of Hong Kong

1B.3 Evergreen Tree Action Plan - An innovative collaboration for the wellbeing of elderly Chinese

Wenli Zhang, Michelle Huang, Cassie Xie
Asian Family Services

1C.3 CBT group for Chinese clients: A pilot study

Ting-Ya (Tina) Wang, Eve Yee Han Graham
Asian Mental Health Service, WDHB

1A4. Increasing social connections for young migrant women in the New Zealand community using video self modeling.

Sehar Moughal
University of Auckland

1B.4 Research on good death: social workers’ experience with Chinese in palliative care

Angel Chen,
Mercy Hospice Auckland


Afternoon Tea and Cultural Performance:
Chinese fan dance

Host: Mrs Sue Lim
Tanya Suin & colleagues

Function Hall (730-220)

Day 2: Wednesday 7th September

Time Event/Title Presenter(s) Location





Theme 3: Primary Health & Community Care

Chair: Dr Wilson Young

Lecture theatre (732-201)

African refugees and asylum seekers living in Hong Kong: Mental health and social structures

Prof. Eleanor Holroyd


Morning Tea

Function Hall (730-220)


Breakout session 2: Oral Presentations

2D – Primary Health and Community Care

Chair: Lifeng Zhou

2E –  Migration and Health

Chair: Vivian Cheung

2F – Sexuality, Spirituality and Identity
Chair: Elsie Ho

2D – Primary health and community care
Room 730 264

2E – Migration and health
Room 730 266

2F – Sexuality, Spirituality and Identity
Room 730 268

2D.1 Increasing access to, and utilisation of general practice for Asian, new migrant and refugee groups

Samantha Bennett

2E.1 An exploration of health perceptions and practices among
South Asian descendants living in Dunedin, New Zealand

Hannah Bailly
University of Otago

2F.1 Views about sexuality and living in Auckland among gay and bisexual Chinese and South Asian men and some implications for health promotion

Jeffery Adams
SHORE & Whariki Research Centre, Massey University

2D2. ASIAN-eCHAT: primary care-based programme to improve identification and stepped care support of Asians with mental health and lifestyle issues.

Khalid Shah
WDHB & University of Auckland

2E.2 An occupational perspective on ensuring immigrants’ health and well-being: A grounded theory of everyday experiences of Korean immigrants in New Zealand

Hagyun Kim
Department of Public Health and Psychosocial Studies, AUT

2F.2 Learning to be (non-)sexual: Sexual knowledge and sexual health implications for Chinese youth in New Zealand

Alex Li
School of Critical Studies in Education, University of Auckland

2D.3 Utilisation of primary health care services; the perceptions and experiences of South Asian immigrants in Auckland, New Zealand.

Jessica Tamanam
University of Auckland, & Auckland Regional Public Health Service

2E.3 “I couldn’t pay for it”: the intersection of immigration, family violence and structural violence in the health system in Aotearoa/New Zealand

Mengzhu Fu
University of Auckland, & Shakti Family Center

2F.3 Does ancestor veneration have any implications for social work with older Asian people and their families?

Hong-Jae Park
School of Counselling, Human Services and Social Work, University of Auckland

2D.4 Mealtime ritual invitations: what can they do for your wellbeing?

Duyen Dang
Massey University

2E.4 Antecedents of ethno-cultural identity conflict among emerging-adult immigrants in New Zealand

Tamara Qumseya
Centre for Applied Cross-cultural Research, Victoria University of Wellington


Lunch and Poster Presentations

Function Hall (730-220) & Atrium


Theme 4: Cultural Competency and Workforce Development

Chair: Dr Carina Meares

Lecture theatre (732-201)


Our multi-cultural nursing workforce: views of NZ and internationally qualified nurses

Dr Léonie Walker


Working in a culturally diverse workplace

Mrs Sue Lim


Breakout session 3: Oral Presentations & Workshop

3G – Youth Wellbeing & Career Development
Chair: Roshini Peiris-John

3H – Refugee and Ethnic Minority health
Chair: Rachel Simon-Kumar

3I – Workshop

3G – Youth wellbeing & career development
Room 730 264

3H – Refugee and Ethnic Minority health  
Room 730 266

3I – Workshop
Lecture theatre (732-201)

3G.1 Tai Chi Chuan and improving student wellbeing

Marcus Henning
Centre for Medical and Health Sciences Education, University of Auckland

3H.1 Bhutanese refugee women’s experience of maintaining health and wellbeing in New Zealand

Jagamaya Shrestha-Ranjit

3I.1 CALD Culturally inclusive approaches for the New Zealand health sector and workforce

Mariska Mannes, Sue Lim
eCALD® Services, WDHB Institute of Innovation and Improvement

Annette Mortensen
Northern Regional Alliance

3G.2 The 1.5 generation Kowis (Korean-Kiwis) and their coping strategies

Hyeeun Kim
University of Auckland

3H.2 Best practice protocols for refugee health in primary care

Sapna Samant, Yukio Flinte, Litia Gibson
Porirua Union and Community Health Service

3G.3 Releasing the trainer wheels – Introducing Health Sciences students to careers in health

Kitty Ko
Mental Health Services, CMDHB

3H.3 Connecting South Asian ethnic minority communities and healthcare professionals in Hong Kong for promoting cultural competence

Dhiraj Gurung
Health Connection, Hong Kong


Afternoon Tea

Function Hall (730-220)


Poster Presentation Winners & Closing Ceremony

Assoc. Prof. Elsie Ho, Mrs. Sue Lim

Lecture theatre (732-201)


Social event and Cultural Performance:
Bollywood Dance

Host: Assoc. Prof. Elsie Ho
Aaja Nachle School of Bollywood Dance

Function Hall (730-220)

Poster Presentations

1A. Active Follow-Up: encouraging BowelScreening amongst Asian population groups in Waitemata DHB

Juthika Badkar – Waitemata District Health Board

1B. Cystic Fibrosis in Asian ethnic groups

Joyce Chan, Naveen Pillarisetti – Starship Children's Health

2A. Vitamin D deficiency in New Zealand refugees

Carmel Vyas – Auckland Regional Public Health Service

2B. Primary Care Refugee Wrap Around Services for the Auckland Region

Tina Higgins – Counties Manukau DHB

3A. Social ties, communication and HIV testing behaviour among Asian Men Who Have Sex with Men in New Zealand

Shriya Bhagwat-Chitale – Auckland University of Technology

3B. An integrated approach to engage the Asian community to reduce stigmatisation of problem gambling

John Wong – Asian Family Services

4A. Student Awareness of Health Services and Health Information in the Auckland District Survey Findings

Samantha Bennett – Auckland District Health Board, & Waitemata District Health Board

4B. The cost of freedom: Facing the needs of international students

Jerry Lo – Asian Family Services

5A. Everyday living matters and the matter of managing what goes beyond the academic lives

Ida Che Arr – Auckland University of Technology

5B. CHAINZ Summer Studentship

Karen Chung – University of Auckland

6A. Bringing down the wall – Overcoming Obstacles to Engage with Indian Community

Kitty Ko – Mental Health Services, Counties Manukau Health

6B. The Fidelity of Data – Beginnings of Research into the Asian Mental Health in Counties Manukau District Health Board

Imogen Watt – University of Auckland

Kitty Ko – Mental Health Services, Counties Manukau Health

7A. eCALD® Courses and Resources

Sue Lim – eCALD® Services, Institute of Innovation and Improvement, Waitemata District Health Board

7B. Asian Health in Aotearoa in 2011 - 2013: Trends since 2002-2003 and 2006-2007 (Scragg, 2016)

Annette Mortensen – Northern Regional Alliance

8A. Taking the Journey in Providing a Culturally Responsive and Inclusive Health Care Service – Why Bother?

Ella Watson – Bupa David Lange Care Home

8B. Initiatives to improve the wellbeing of our Asian Community

Zhengxiu Xie, Felix Lin – Independent Living Service Charitable Trust

Note: 1 – 8 refers to the poster board number. A and B refers to the front and back sides of the poster boards, respectively.