The International Asian and Ethnic Minority Health and Wellbeing Conference 2016, hosted by the Centre for Asian and Ethnic Minority Health Research (CAHRE) and eCALD®, will be held on 6 - 7 September 2016 at the University of Auckland’s Tāmaki Campus.

With a theme of “Working Together to Achieve Better Health Outcomes” the 2016 CAHRE conference brings together health practitioners, service providers, service managers, policy makers, researchers, community leaders and students to share their knowledge and experiences in Asian and ethnic minority health. This conference offers an invaluable opportunity to connect with local and international participants and build multidisciplinary, inter-sectoral and community networks.

We hope, through a mixed programme of international and local speakers, featured sessions, workshops, and oral and poster presentations, to help build the capacity of communities and service providers to develop proactive strategies to face the challenges of improving the health and wellbeing of Asian and ethnic minority peoples. We are delighted to have Mai Chen, Managing Partner of Chen Palmer Public and Employment Law Specialists, presenting our opening address on "The need for a Superdiversity Framework for health services and policymaking".

Invited international and local speakers will present on the following themes:

  • Maternal health and perinatal maternal mental health
  • Health and wellbeing of older people
  • Primary health and community care
  • Cultural competency and workforce development

Conference proceedings will be published after the event.